Monday, February 16, 2009

A few ideas...

Last week I had the pleasure of creating baby shower favors for a friend of the family. It was a fun design and something different than I have done in the past.

The above photo shows the size difference between our regular cookie favors and the new mini designs. The favors on the right were for the shower. Bright colors for the striped onesie and an A for the mom-to-be's last name. I made a few matching regular onesie cookies for mom-to-be.

The photo above shows a few different ways to package the mini favors. I had some extra cookie dough and thought I would make a few mini rounds using a mixture of the two colors, yellow and lime green, to make a marble design. Two rounds and a mini onesie decorated cookie, three rounds, or five rounds. Using plain rounds along with a decorated cookie, mini or regular, is a great way to put together favors on a budget. Using the plain rounds gives a modern feel to the favors as well.

The above photo shows how just a few cookies can be packaged for a gift. Three regular onesie cookies packaged in a fabric-lined wicker basket (two gifts in one!).

So whatever your budget, we can create favors to fit your event.